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Financial Knowledge is Powerful in Business

The majority of small businesses fail within five years according to with many of them struggling horribly during that time. 

Often these same business owners that are so great at their craft understandably lack the necessary skills and interest to manage their company finances.

I am Ally O'Meally-Watson, Chartered Management Accountant, CFO Consultant and Finance Coach and I'd  love to become your best friend in business.

At Business Bright we are passionate about helping you realise your dream lifestyle. We offer three main ways of working with us:

Profit Builder - CFO services

Business Builder - Coaching services. 

Finance With Finesse - Financial Literacy Workshops

We help you style a vision of where you are going, organise your accounting and interpret your vital figures you need to run your business profitably with cash coming in.

Our Finance with Finesse Workshops enhance your understanding of your numbers so that you can make informed, profitable decisions with confidence.

We can make arrangements to take care of your bookkeeping, accounting and tax returns so you can move your business forward without confusion and overwhelm in trying to do the finances yourself.

'Ally is great person to work with and her financial skills and knowledge has helped BDC develop its financial management arrangements from financial planning, monitoring and projecting through to the statement of accounts. She puts a lot of effort and time into assisting my office manage the income and expenditure accounts throughout the year giving solid quarterly advice, financial information and benchmarking for key performance factors that we agree which is invaluable in successfully running my business and projecting to the end of year statement of accounts'.

—Byron Davies OBE, Managing Director BDConsulting (UK) Ltd


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