Invitation to Business Planning - Foundation Course  

September 2019


Join a cohort of aspiring and existing entrepreneurs to gain an aerial perspective of your vision and the comprehensive business skills necessary to help bring your visions into reality

The “Foundations” Business Planning Class helps aspiring entrepreneurs and existing business owners to create comprehensive business plans in order to start-up, expand, or enhance their businesses.

Delivered to thousands of entrepreneurs over 20 years at Mountain BizWorks in the USA, we are honored to help entrepreneurs build a solid strategy for business startup and growth. Our partnership with Birds Eye Business Planning & Adventures ensures that the curriculum is continually refreshed and made even more efficient and effective.

Our Foundations business planning class helps guide ideas from concept to reality in a participatory, supportive learning environment.

Participants will gain a clear aerial perspective of their business operations, financials, research and development, and marketing strategies. They will leave the course with a comprehensive business plan, a clear vision for their business, and concrete tasks for future work.

Throughout the class, emphasis will be placed on developing the social capital of the group. Participants will be encouraged to gather feedback from their peers, creating a strong network of deep support and synergy.


We are honored to have Annie Milroy Price, founder and lead facilitator of Bird’s Eye, visit us all the way from Western North Carolina and she will be facilitating our inaugural class in Jamaica. Since 2006, Annie has worked with over 1200 aspiring and existing entrepreneurs as they develop plans and implement them.   

At Business Bright - Jamaica, we value the human connections and relationships that develop through getting to know you and understanding your business better.

  • Session 1: Gaining Perspective: We start by viewing our business concepts from a high altitude, in order to define our visions and get a good look at the main topics to be addressed.

  • Session 2: Laying the Foundation: Next, we return to the ground level to define our lines of business and analyze financial essentials, from overhead costs to break-even points.

  • Session 3: Getting into the Flow: In the third session, we’ll cover the financial bases of cash flow, sales forecasting, and financial documents.

  • Session 4: Mission & Markets: Then, we’ll revisit our mission, discuss market research, and identify competitors in order to align with our target markets.

  • Session 5: Get the Word Out: Next, we’ll discuss creative marketing strategies and give peer feedback on marketing materials.

  • Session 6: Goodbye & Good Luck: Finally, we’ll present our business plans, share final pitches, and plan for next steps.

Course Pricing

The course fee is $375 USD; some partial scholarships are available (see below). One additional partner can join if working on the same business plan for just $100.

A minimum deposit of just $50 USD is due upon enrollment to reserve your place and will be followed by an email confirmation of your placement.  

Scholarship Info

If you live in Jamaica and have low-to-moderate income, you may qualify for a partial scholarship (valued at $100 USD). Complete the online registration form and access the scholarship application within the form. Each class offering has a limited number of scholarships available on a first come, first served basis. 

Class Schedule

September 2019 in Discovery Bay, Jamaica

Friday 13th, 2pm - 5pm,  

Saturday 14th, 9am - 5pm 

Sunday 15th, 10am - 1pm


Reserve your place today on Eventbrite using the link below or contact Ally on to book a chat to find out if the business planning classes are right for you or just call on 001 876 586 3909.