Blog - Aim to Pay More Tax in 2016

Having to pay tax usually means that you have made a profit in your business. Many of my clients are overjoyed when I tell that they have No tax to pay. This mindset has always made me a little sad as it usually means they have worked hard in their business all year and made a loss. How are you going to achieve the life of your dreams by making a bloody loss? If no or no tax is a result of some savvy legitimate accounting that is great but otherwise, it's not GOOD news. 
Being in Jamaica I can see the benefits of tax in the UK. In Jamaica the average daily pay is about £5.50 PER DAY, imagine how little the government can collect in taxes per year. So it's no wonder that even the 'poor' have to pay for their children to go to school and purchase most of their own school books. These children go to school immaculate in their well ironed, starched and clean uniforms- God bless them!