Frazzled By Your Business Financial Management Part 2

This blog focuses on a paper-based method of capturing and keeping your financial records.

How to Tame the Paperwork and Get Calm with your Biz Finances

So why do you need to get your records straight?

So that you are at a Known Financial Position and you can be an informed entrepreneur and know where the money went and is going with a quick glance of a simple report


You feel less stressed at the dreaded tax time and know where all your paperwork is.

Sassy Financial Management Means:

CAPTURING the data with a simple record keeping system, electronically or with physical files, the choice is yours

An Accurate ACCOUNTING system set-up that keeps you informed to make better business decisions

Learning to LOVE & understand your numbers that come from the accounting system

MANAGING your cash flow so that you can pay your bills and create financial freedom


I've experimented with doing this blog using Trello, if you would like a link to the Trello Board which shows more information just email me at

If your financial management system is in a mess or you just need to tidy it up to apply for some funding call me about our 90 Day Strut to Financial Elegance programme that will get you sorted in no time and put you in the know about your numbers.

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