To save you masses of time searching for your organisation’s information, we will now look at how to keep everything about your business in one place in a Business Binder or on your PC.

Every company owner should know and document all the facts about their business model and be able to quickly access this information.

We have a template for the inserts of your Business Binder in the form of a workbook.

Completing your Business Binder Workbook enables you to collect all  

the company data in one place covering areas as listed below and more.

The completed sheets of the workbook becomes a source of reference and will be about 12-20 pages long.



  1. ·      BACKGROUND INFORMATION, your directors’ names, your accountant's and solicitor’s details and your year-end date

  2. ·      MARKETING and SALES INFORMATION, such as major competitors, main customers and suppliers 

  3. ·      YOUR ECONOMICS, such as your breakeven point and your expected margins

  4. ·      OPERATIONS/MANAGEMENT, your organisational chart now or for the future

  5. ·      CAPITAL STRUCTURE, your company type; sole trader, limited, partnership, or limited liability partnership and incorporation or registration date. Also, your shareholdings.

  6. ·      FINANCE, loans, director's loan, bankers and current interest rate.

  7. ·      ACCOUNTING, details of your accounting software. Determining and listing your fixed costs and variable cost categories for your chart of accounts will help you ensure that your accounting reports headings are applicable to your business.

  8. ·      INSURANCE/RISK MANAGEMENT, insurance company details, dates and insurance coverage, is it adequate?


What areas of opportunity are there to increase profitability?  



I can send you our Business Binder Workbook so that you have all this information in one place, all you need to do is work through it, step by step.


Just email me to request the workbook.


This is just one step in the 90 Day Strut that

has been devised to keep you in control of your financial management


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