Create Your Business Vision Board


What is a Vision Board?

It is a visualisation tool of what you want your business to look like. 

It can be the first step towards writing that intimidating business plan that you may need to secure funding.

Take a day out of overwhelm for a time of creativity & fun and make a vision board of your successful business

'Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun ' Albert Einstein

Every great business begins with a vision of your ideal future and sets you on a path to making it a reality

Mind-set. Profits. Lifestyle. 

Five Steps to Create your Vision for the Business of Your Dreams

1.  Your Mind-set

It all starts with having a business success mind-set. What type of entrepreneur do you want to be?

2.  Your Moola

Get clarity on your financial goals, take your business seriously and get over money dramas, set money goals that will get you from where you are now to where you want to be 

3. Your Message

Who are your ideal customers and what value do you really provide for them? 

4. Your Mailing List

Make your vision a reality, plan your high value client attraction tool and create your action steps to make it happen.

5. Merging It All Together

In step five you put it all together to create your own Big, Bold & Beautiful Business Vision Board for your office to prompt you into action.

Your Business Vision Board will:

  •   Reduce overwhelm & stress by keeping you focused and fine tunes your options
  • Keep all your thoughts and ideas in a single location
  •     Give you clarity
  • Give you inspiration when things are not going so well
  • Help build & strengthen your brand
  •     Be a permanent but flexible reminder of your vision for your business that you can keep for yourself or share with your partners or team
  •    Act as a visual tracker for your money and marketing goals
  • ·    Keep you accountable as it is always visible not tucked away in a drawer or filed in a binder


Seeing is believing