Your vision is a positive picture of your business destination

Build Your Business Financial Roadmap to Freedom

Step One

Creative Visioning is the First Step to Business Success

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Whatever you want to achieve in your business be it exploding profitable revenue, creating a product or making people smile, you need a path.

A vision lets you:

Make decisions more effectively

Turn down opportunities that distract us from our vision

Helps you stay the course when things get tough because you have an end in mind

Everything looks like a failure in the middle, a vision helps overcome the sense of impending doom when we know the conclusion’ 

Visioning is the first step in our Build Your Financial Roadmap to Freedom (FRM) service and we use the Hot Pen Technique with our FRM clients. This method is fun and enables you to write from the heart, without getting into the‘how’. It gets your vision down in just 15-20 minutes.

Remember this is about designing the life you want to create so don’t ‘should’ all over yourselves. Include personal passions and the look & feel of your ideal life.

Learn about the Hot Pen method in this short video by Zingerman Deli’s Ari Weinzweig.

If you would like a simple step by step template on how to map out your vision just email

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