Need Money to Grow Your Business?

Invitation to Birds Eye Business Planning for Creatives

How to Start & Run a Successful Business to Keep More Money in your Purse

Are you a Creative Entrepreneur such as a Boutique Owner, Design Agency or Event Planner whose business plan for success is all in their head?

Do you have a business model that makes money instead of nasty losses every year? Do you really want to spend a lot of your precious time creating your best work just to find that at the end of the year you’ve made very little cash and you have to get a part time job just to survive?

If you are just starting out or need to grow your business, you need to fully understand how your business works and test the viability of your existing or proposed business model. You may need to tweak your costs, identify your ideal clients or your products or service offering in order to grow your profit and achieve your vision.

Lets start with business planning. Why? Just take a look at the Top 10 causes of small business failure according to Small Biz Trends 2019.

Top 10 causes of small business failure:

  • No market need: 42 percent;

  • Ran out of cash: 29 percent;

  • Not the right team: 23 percent;

  • Got outcompeted: 19 percent;

  • Pricing / Cost issues: 18 percent;

  • User un-friendly product: 17 percent;

  • Product without a business model: 17 percent;

  • Poor marketing: 14 percent;

  • Ignore customers: 14 percent; and

  • Product mistimed: 13 percent’

Our Birds Eye Business Planning Class helps you to gain the business skills needed to look at your proposed or existing business through the lens of these reasons for failure and turn them around to lead to your success.

We help you to create a comprehensive business plan in order to start-up, expand, or enhance your business bringing your vision into reality while avoiding these pitfalls.

Delivered to thousands of entrepreneurs over 20 years at Mountain BizWorks in the USA, we are honored to now have Ally to help creative entrepreneurs in Jamaica build a solid strategy for business startup and growth. Birds Eye Business Planning & Adventures ensures that the curriculum is continually refreshed and made even more efficient and effective.

Our business planning class helps guide ideas from concept to reality in a supportive learning environment.

You will gain a clear view of your business operations, financials, research & development, and marketing strategies. You will leave the course with a comprehensive business plan that you can use to gain money to grow your business, a clear vision for your business, and an action plan you’ll enjoy using.

You will be encouraged to gather feedback from your peers via the live/Facebook group, creating a strong network of deep and positive support.


At Business Bright, we value the connections and relationships that develop through getting to know you and understanding your business better. If you especially hate traditional business talk and numbers, this course is for you too, don’t be shy, let me know! In another life before accountancy I ran a maths and English tuition centre and I have worked with many creative business owners in my accountancy and business planning company.

Allocating the time to your business plan just doesn't seem to happen when you are busy working on a day by day basis. However, working with Ally from Business Bright on our business planning process has been of such a huge benefit to JacBee and a great way of making you as a business take some dedicated time out to focus, discuss and more importantly plan'.

—Victoria Beesley, Co-Director, JacBee Ltd

Course Modules:

  • Session 1: Outline Your Business Idea - Gaining Perspective: We start by outlining your business concept in order to refine your vision and give it structure and form.

  • Session 2: Define the True Costs of Your Products & Service - Laying the Foundation: Next, we help you define your lines of products and services and consider money essentials, from overhead and unit costs to how much of each product or service you need to sell to cover all your costs and make a profit.

    ‘…..By the way, I increased by income by 95% and reduced my business expenditure by 25% so far since starting our

    financial strategy sessions’.

    -Alex Plamer, Kina Events Management-UK

  • Session 3: Get Real with The Cash - Getting into the Flow: In the third session, as 29% of businesses fail because of poor cash flow management, this part of your business plan will look at how cash flows in and out of your business, predicting your sales and your local tax authority requirements.

  • Session 4: Mission & Markets: Then, we’ll revisit your mission, discuss market research, and identify competitors in order to align with your ideal clients or customers.

  • Session 5: Get the Word Out -With Your Marketing Plan: Next, we’ll discuss creating your marketing plan and give peer feedback on marketing materials.

  • Session 6: Pitch & Present Your Business Plan Like a Pro- Goodbye & Good Luck: Finally, you’ll present your business plan; part of the reason for having a business plan is to be able communicate your business concept and show others how your business will be a success so, you will get some real life practice by sharing your final pitch in the group, and plan for your next steps.

    Once you learn, the Birds Eye business planning approach you’ll use it again and again to test your future projects and ideas. You’ll know how to create a more sustainable business and know how to pitch your ideas to attract funding or support when you need it most. You’ll also know how to manage your costs with our easy to use financial tools and grow your profits internally if you don’t require external funding. You’ll know which products/services bring in the most cash so that you can focus your creative energy more profitably.

This course is a good fit for creatives including design agencies, small boutiques, and event planners that want to grow their business by making more money to reinvest or who want to attract external funding.

How does it work?


  • Six Week Group Class

I teach you valuable business planning skills and how to work out how you can make money from your business ideas and projects. Together we create your comprehensive business plan as a personal blueprint to grow your business. Also, many course participants have been successful in securing finance with this format. The live group classes are for just six participants and are currently held in Jamaica. 

Contact me for the dates and location for the next group retreat.

The investment for group classes is just $379 USD

p.s. We also have exciting Foundation Weekend Business Planning Retreats for just $99 USD


  • Six Week, 1 to 1, VIP

    If you require a high level of funding your investors may need an advanced set of financial forecasts and a pitch slide deck. The VIP option covers the same business planning material as the group classes. The VIP Foundation Funding Plan is always delivered on a 1:1 basis so that we can focus on your business exclusively.

The investment is just $1499 USD*

*The course fee from the group courses can be credited towards the VIP option if following on within 30 days.


  • Contact with Ally throughout the 6 weeks via email, the Facebook group or private message

  • All binders, materials and resources are included.

  • Payment plans can be agreed by arrangement.


What you will get:

  • A comprehensive business plan that will show you what your business is really about, who your ideal clients are, how you provide value to those ideal clients and how to reach them

  • A financial plan that shows how you will make more money so that ultimately you can spend more time doing what you love

  • Six weeks of taking regular time out to focus on working on your business development and profit improvement instead of working like a headless chicken for a low or zero income

  • Peer feedback via the facebook group 

  • A monthly Business Bright Planner to get into action and make your business plan real

I don’t accept any payments before ensuring that you will get the results that you want so start by:

Contacting Ally on to determine if the business planning classes are right for you and she will also answer any questions you may have before booking


Below are a few photos from our first Business Planning Retreat in Jamaica