More Cash From Your Business Means Freedom to Play

More Cash From Your Business Means Freedom to Play


The Cash Bright Model for Creative Women Business Owners

“The fact is that one of the earliest lessons I learned in business was that balance sheets and income statements are fiction, cash flow is reality.”
– Chris Chocola

Do you have Cash Flow Issues in Your Creative Business?

Or Just Need More Cash Control?

Gain Financial Clarity in your Business For Greater Confidence, Cash and Calm

Did you know that even profitable companies can run out of cash to pay their bills, tax and team members? For any company to survive, cash flow is the single most important financial factor

We Help You Create Your Customised Short-Term Cash Forecast ( Your Cash Bright GPS) and Show you How to Use it to Manage and Grow Your Business

As a creative, do you want to spend your precious time creating or panicking about the moolah?

This tool buys you piece of mind and gives you insights on your cash position and trends


During our Cash Bright Consult via Zoom, we help you gain more confidence, control and calm over your business cash and reverse the financial stress points in your business.

Together, we will build your customised cash monitoring system using your business numbers that will create a path towards more profits, cash control and financial freedom to do the things you love.

This half day session will have you mastering your cash

The industry calls it the 13 Week Rolling Cash Flow (TWCF) - we call it your customised Cash Bright GPS

Unlike your other financial reports like your profit and loss and balance sheet that focuses on the past, your rolling Cash Bright GPS safeguards your future.

  • Your Cash Bright GPS will be a quick to use financial roadmap for your business which also tracks key balance sheet items like who owes you money and how much you owe. It enables you to keep on track weekly and be proactive and get the cash in quickly.

  • Don’t worry we will fully explain all the terms we think you should know as we build out your money GPS and as an added bonus this will dramatically increase your business financial literacy which is vital for long-term success

  • Your Cash Bright GPS will give you a steering wheel and dashboard for your business and will show you clearly where your money went and is expecting to go and when it’s coming in.

  • Your Cash Bright GPS will mean that you will have no nasty surprises and it helps you predict tight times so that you can be proactive in solving financial issues before they arise.

  • It also predicts flush times so you can invest spare cash effectively or spend it on a much needed holiday (very nice!)

    Your Cash Bright Consult will be with a qualified, experienced accountant who loves working with women creatives, speaks in plain English with jargon on a ‘need to know basis’. We will be working with you 1 on 1 using your own company’s figures

‘The Only Way to Predict Your Future is to Create it’

So what are you waiting for, the tax or VAT person to send in the baliffs? Or would you rather know and predict your cash position, sleep well and have some fun in your life?

It’s time to become a Cash Queen and reign over your business

Book your Cash Bright Consult, it could save your business

  • A half day session to prepare your Cash Bright GPS.or until it gets done and you understand it thoroughly

  • Training on how to update your rolling cash flow forecast over the year

  • Training on how to use it to make better decisions for your business and to stay in control

  • One 60- 90 minute follow up session within 30 days of your consult

  • Email support in between sessions

This investment for the Cash Bright Consult can be credited towards our follow on program - Build Your Financial Roadmap to Freedom, if you decide to work with us further

We transform your numbers into knowledge so that you can make better business decisions and make more money to live the life you want

For more information and a complimentary 25 Ways to Improve Cash Flow Now Checklist, email

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