Creative Women Entrepreneurs, Have you Been in Business for a While and Now Need a Finance Professional to help You Plan, Track and Grow?



CFO (Chief Finance Officer) Services For Creative Business Owners

We keep your business finances stress free and organized

Then we transform your monthly numbers into knowledge so that you can make better decisions and take your business to the next level and make more money to live the life you want


Most businesses suffer or fail due to a lack of strategy, financial analysis & insufficient planning because, quite frankly, they probably went into business to do what they love doing, not to do finances. - I get it, that's why I like to keep it simple and try my very best to make it

 engaging and empowering


Business Bright makes a refreshing change to the usual accountancy firms, taking a keen interest in the intricacies of our business over and above the routine number crunching. Our regular review meetings definitely add value and help us to shape our ongoing business marketing and development plans

—Ronsons Restaurants (Herb & Ellies) 


'Beliefs are limiting. Dreams are unlimited'

Danielle Laporte


To Put You In Control Of Your Business Numbers Instead Of The Other Way Around

We work best with clients that realise that having timely financial records help them reach their business and life goals much faster.

One of our core services is when we work closely with a client, and help them transform their creative business from where they are now to where they want to be. One way we do that is by producing timely management reports on a regular basis. Then, by meeting up to discuss them, we can help you to set some targets and monitor and improve those numbers.

Our Focus is On Your Future Success

  • We help you improve your profit and cash inflow now and in the future, not just account for your past figures

  • We help you manage your three vital business scores in your P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow so that you can always be at a known financial position

  • We get you organized and map your actual financial performance with budgeted figures and document meaningful variance analysis along with non-financial KPIs. So you’ll have full management accounts a Board Pack every month.

  • We start with an Annual Business Plan so that you have some direction and focus for your business

  • We transform your figures into knowledge by explaining them to you in plain English via our written commentary and our fortnightly calls

  • No need to look at another spreadsheet if you don't want to, our dashboards are colourful, simple and engaging

  • We can be responsible for keeping you current and compliant with technical accounting matters that apply to your company

  • Our bookkeeping team can update your books on a monthly basis or if you already have a great bookkeeper we can review your bookkeeping ensuring that your numbers are accurate and up to date. Having accurate and up to date figures is a prerequisite of our CFO service so we have a bookkeeping team to help you with this if needed.

  • We add value to your organisation by complimenting your management team as a strategic partner and can attend board meetings by Zoom

  Business Bright is not based on volume, we aim to be your best friend in the business and so we like to work in depth with a small clique of creatively minded clients.  


We use online software so that you have access to your numbers and scoreboard 24/7

There is no tie-in period, you will be billed a monthly flat rate (to be agreed) until you cancel


Year End Accounts and Tax Returns Included for a Limited Time only if you stay with us for 12 months

Optional: If you do not have an accountant, we work with chartered or certified financial accountants local to you. We can arrange for your statutory year end accounts and tax returns to be completed and submitted to the relevant authorities, you will also have one face to face Tax Cutting meeting before your year-end.

 So you can have unlimited email access to your CFO (Chief Finance Officer), a monthly Board Pack with full Management Accounts, fortnightly meetings, your monthly bookkeeping done and your year end accounts prepared and submitted for a fraction of the fees of a full time CFO that could cost you $100k or more per year


Our Monthly Strategic CFO engagements usually start with our Build Your Financial Forecast for Growth Program and this can also be a stand-alone package to make your financial system S.A.S.S.Y. that's

SIMPLE,  ACCURATE, STRESS-FREE, STRATEGIC and one that represents YOUR vision of success. 

For further details call us for a complimentary Cash Chat to answer your questions and remember we have a No Question is Dumb Policy.

'In order to manage your business you need to measure it' - Strategic CFO


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