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Most businesses suffer or fail due to a lack of financial management &  sufficient planning

Beliefs are limiting. Dreams are unlimited

Danielle Laporte

Profit Builder

 For Ambitious Women Entrepreneurs

A CFO  Service For Small Creative Businesses


Poor Financial Knowledge & Management Can Lead to Business Failure

Do you need a financial expert to watch your back and help you to improve profit and cash flow?

Our focus is on:

  • Producing timely vital numbers so that you have daily or weekly Cash Reports and Flash Reports not just monthly financials
  • Translating your current figures into knowledge and explaining them to you in plain English
  • Being involved in your strategic planning
  • Improving your financial systems so that you can be confident about the information produced
  • Adding value to your organisation by complimenting your management team
  • Helping to improve profit and cash flow in the future not just accounting for your past figures
'The workshop with Ally really was an eye opener into how important and useful it can be to understand the financial side of your business even though from the off set it can appear daunting. It has helped me to see how I can begin marking my progress and understand my business in more depth to allow me to understand it's capabilities for growth. My subsequent 1-2-1 with Ally was great to begin setting up some important financial documents, creating annual and monthly targets to check that I'm on track and make sure that I am making my business work for me. Thank you Ally for your knowledge and encouragement.'
—Clarice Price Thomas Jewellery Designer/Maker

Business Bright is not based on volume, we aim to be your best friend in business and so we like to work in depth with a small clique of clients.  

Year End Accounts

If you do not have an accountant, we can also arrange for your bookkeeping, payroll, VAT returns, statutory year end accounts and tax returns to be completed and submitted to the relevant authorities, you will also have one face to face Tax Cutting meeting before the year end. 


Profit Builder - Virtual CFO starts at £375/$467 a month for businesses with a turnover below £1 million per year

Do you have pressing Cash Flow issues and Profitability issues?

We have a solution: 

 All our CFO engagements start with a 90 DAY Finance Fix and this can also be a stand alone package to get your financial system in order to address those issues quickly. It is an 8 step process that drives improved profits and cash flow.  We will give you an accurate picture of where you are and where you are capable of going and help you to develop solutions and goals.  For further details call us for a complimentary Cash Chat to answer your questions and remember no question will be considered silly.

'In order to manage your business you need to measure it' - Strategic CFO

We use online software so that you have access to your numbers and scoreboard 24/7

Money back satisfaction guarantee on all services