Are you a woman entrepreneur in the creative industry who buries your head in the sand or struggles around your biz money? Relax, I can help you. I can set up and/or streamline your accounting systems and turn your numbers into knowledge so you feel empowered to plan, run and grow your company past six figures with ease, fun & flair

When Passion Just Isn't Enough, What Do You Do?

How are you feeling about your business money right now?

Not great? Confused?

Well you are in the right place

You know you are great at what you do, but that doesn’t stop your worries about the next cash crisis.

What if you could plan, understand and manage your numbers to build a more profitable business with real cash in the bank?

What if you could reduce your fear around money?

Wouldn’t that empower you and give you greater peace of mind?

It sure would!

'Ally is a great person to work with and her financial skills and knowledge have helped BDC develop its financial management arrangements from financial planning, monitoring and projecting through to the statement of accounts. She puts a lot of effort and time into assisting my office to manage the income and expenditure accounts throughout the year giving solid quarterly advice, financial information and benchmarking for key performance factors that we agree which is invaluable in successfully running my business and projecting to the end of year statement of accounts'.

—Byron Davies OBE, Managing Director BDConsulting (UK) Ltd

We review your existing accounting processes to make it simple, streamlined and transparent and mend any money messes. We also implement a financial reporting process to help you understand your data to guide your success and not only keep the lights on but keep them shining brightly.

Don't worry, business money doesn't have to be boring, we are dedicated to helping you stay in the know about your company in a style that resonates with you as a creative

Hi, I am Ally O'Meally-Watson, the creative-minded Chartered Management Accountant, and Right Brain Business Plan Facilitator and I'd love to become your business ally. I am a finance coach for women in the creative industries who are ready to make their first 100K and more for greater freedom in their lives 


In my career as an accountant and CFO for small creative companies, 

I have found that lots of business owners

 are number and paper phobic and need structure and core business skills in

order to make their creative business a success

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