Are you a woman entrepreneur in the creative industries who wants greater financial freedom to live your ideal lifestyle and give more to your favourite causes?

How are you feeling about your bookkeeping and biz money systems right now?

Not great, confused?

Well you are in the right place

You know you are great at what you do, 

but that doesn’t stop your worries about the next cash flow crisis.

What if you could plan, understand and track your numbers to build a more profitable business with great cash flow?

What if you could reduce your fear around money?

Wouldn’t that empower you and give you greater peace of mind?

Hi, I’m Ally O’Meally-Watson. As a Chartered Management Accountant, Chief Financial Officer for Creatives and Founder of Business Bright, I’ve dedicated my career to helping entrepreneurial women turn their dreams into reality by building more profitable, sustainable, and enjoyable businesses.

And now I'm here to help YOU!

The time to get to grips with your finances is now, (and no it won't hurt, I'll be very gentle!)

Having a streamlined and accurate bookkeeping system is the foundation to running a successful creative business

‘Bookkeeping is the process of tracking all of your company’s financial transactions, so you can see exactly where your business is spending money, where your revenue is coming from, and which tax deductions you’ll be able to claim’ - Siri

A good bookkeeping system will:

  • Reduce your pesky paperwork

  • Make invoicing your clients simple, quicker and easier to track

  • Help with tax preparation headaches and ensure all valid expenses are claimed to reduce your tax bill legally!

  • Help you monitor and improve your cashflow

  • Help you identify your most profitable services and or products

  • Help you answer questions like: Can I afford a new computer or a PA, how much should I pay myself or can I take a much needed holiday in Jamaica?

If your current bookkeeping or accounting system doesn’t give you all of the above or is frankly in a mess

You need your very own

Business Bookkeeping Blueprint

Your Guide to a Great Money Management System for Your Business

We start with a complimentary 30 Minute Money Momentum Consult to discuss your business goals and any challenges you have around your bookkeeping or accounting system. You get useful tips and recommendations at the session.

If you decide to continue with our Bookkeeping Blueprint Program, here's how we’ll work together:

Session 1: I’ll review your current systems and identify any errors and adjustments that need to be made to clean up your books so that you can get accurate figures to help you run your business with more confidence and ease. It’s a great reality check.

During this session, together we’ll also design your best income and expenditure headings (Chart of Accounts) so that your reports are a good fit for your business and simple for you to understand

Session 2: I’ll then prepare & present your written personalised Bookkeeping Blueprint that will tell you step by step what needs to be done by your bookkeeper or yourself to get your financials straight, your tax reduced and the cash flowing in and I will go through it with you in plain English on a Zoom chat.

We’ll also identify the key numbers you need to watch in order for you to monitor and grow your business to 100k and beyond.

We’ll include a 90 day strategic financial action plan to implement your Bookkeeping Blueprint


I’ll provide you with checklists and cheats sheets so you know what to do yearly, quarterly and monthly to keep your bookkeeping and accounting system running smoothly

A follow-up call within 14 days to see how the implementation is going

Email support between the Bookkeeping Blueprint Session and the follow-up call to help you implement my recommendations


Just $249 or $149 for 2 months

Bookkeeping Blueprint Program summary

  • Existing Bookkeeping and Accounting System Review and Analysis Session

  • Personalised written Bookkeeping Blueprint and Talk Through Session

  • Follow up Check In call

  • Email Support throughout and also for 30 days after the follow up call


(You may even find it fun!)

This is for you if:

  • You're a creative-minded women business owner

  • You have a resistence and fear around your finances but are doing your own books

  • Your business finances are chaotic, even if you have a bookkeeper/accountant

  • Your business growth is slower than you would like

  • You're ready to make some changes and finally get financially savvy


No More Hiding From Your Business Numbers 

The Fearless Finance workshop with Ally really was an eye-opener into how important and useful it can be to understand the financial side of your business even though from the offset it can appear daunting. It has helped me to see how I can begin marking my progress and understand my business in more depth to allow me to understand it's capabilities for growth. My subsequent 1-2-1 with Ally was great to begin setting up some important financial documents, creating annual and monthly targets to check that I'm on track and make sure that I am making my business is working for me. Thank you Ally for your knowledge and encouragement. 

—Clarice Price Thomas Jewellery Designer/Maker  

Register for our 1-1 Bookkeeping Blueprint Program to spend less time worrying about your finances and more time growing your business!

To find out more about our Bookkeeping Blueprint Program and see if it will be suitable for you, email me to book a complimentary Money Momentum Consult:

If after the Bookkeeping Blueprint Program you find that you want us to implement it all for you, the investment of the Bookkeeping Blueprint can be credited towards our Financial Consulting program.

 Bespoke Bookkeeping Setup

We can also set up your bookkeeping system for you in

just three steps


During our first call together, I find out all about your business and your goals & vision

2. Design

We design your bookkeeping system based on your goals for the company and the management information you need to extract from it for both tax office compliance and to help you run, track and grow your business

3. Develop

  • Wave Xero or Quickbooks online accounting software customised setup

  • Training on a need to know basis (I know you don’t want to become a bookkeeper)

  • I prepare a short bookkeeping manual customised to your business for your future reference

  • Email and telephone support for 30 days after set-up to ensure that you can extract the reports that help you manage your business

    Investment: Just $250 for 3 months or $125 for 6 months or $699 as a single payment

  • Plus, you have the option of ongoing monthly or quarterly CFO (Chief Financial Officer) support at an additional $197 for monthly sessions


  • $297 for quarterly sessions (which can be paid as $99 per month).

    Just ask about our popular Bespoke Bookkeeping Setup during a free Money Momentum Consult

Email to book your Money Momentum Consult:

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