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Build Your Financial Roadmap for More Profit and Cash to live Your Ideal Lifestyle

Poor management of '....cashflow is responsible for up to 90 percent of small business failure' - small

I get that you offer immense value while doing what you love. But that is not enough. To create a business that not only survives but thrives, you need to manage the Money-Side of your business.

'I learned a great deal about how to put profit first, plus how to keep my artistic integrity and pursue the gap between a financially viable commercial photographic career and a flourishing art practice.

Thanks for the financial documents - these are great! It’s really helpful to see these figures down on paper; it frees up space in my head to get on with the creativity!! Finally, I can see a financial future!'

—Karen Roswell Photography for the Soul

Today, I'm writing this from the beach. The sun is shining and everyday is summer. Next month I may be at my other home in the UK, living the coffee shop lifestyle. Oh how I love my life!

Even though I now live a great life helping women get clear on their business vision and financial future so that they can also live a great lifestyle, this wasn't always the case.

A few years ago, I had a very ambitious client that I admired greatly for her courage in giving up a secure job to pursue her dream of having her own business. 

Her dream was to make enough money to spend more time with her kids and have a business she loved. Although her business was about beauty, really, like many of us, what she really wanted was freedom. Freedom to live her ideal, fun lifestyle with more free time and no boss telling her when she could take a holiday.

The trouble was, this kind of freedom was a long way off. 

The reason? Her financial systems were a big chaotic mess! That client is why I decided to focus on helping ambitious women business owners take their heads out of the sand when it comes to their business finances:


Build Your Business Financial Roadmap (forecast) for Growth

A solid path to more Clarity, Profits, Cash and Freedom

This five week 'Do it with you' program will nudge you away from financial apathy and show you what is really going on with your business and clean up any mess in your accounting/bookkeeping system.

It will simplify your business finance and give you the power to predict and create the financial vision of your dreams.

Plus you will have complete set of forecasts that you can use to apply for funding and/or use for business planning

By the end of this program, you would have learned the following tools for building a successful business:

1. Understanding your numbers: It may feel great to focus solely on creativity and abdicate your financial management to other professionals. But it is bad for the long-term success of your business. You need to understand your numbers so you can know the right questions to ask your accountant about the state of your business. This is the proper way to delegate task and still be aware of where your business stands and what to do for growth. This will give you great peace of mind and confidence around your numbers.

2. Profitable Pricing Strategies: You can’t price your services on whims and expect to make sustainable income. Applying pricing strategy will let you steer your business towards your preferred destination instead of leaving it to chance You will also gain understanding of your company’s margin, the knowledge of which will help you take control of your business’ profit and avoid the trap of losing money while happily working away.

3. Sales and Expenditure Forecasting: Generating new ideas is easy, the challenge is with implementation. Testing ideas is even more difficult when you don’t want to upset your working business model. And if you don’t test ideas, your business may stagnate. The sales and expenditure forecast will help you lower the risks with testing novel ideas and capitalise on business growth opportunities.

4. How to Get Paid Quickly: Many creatives don’t get their payment until long after delivering their contracted services. Some clients may require a superior’s approval to pay you while others delay for no apparent reason and won’t respond until you repeatedly ask for payment. You will learn tools to get cash faster by crafting favourable payment terms and scheduling quick invoicing.

5. Tools to Avoid Late Fees and Penalties: Getting paid is one thing, getting a full payment is another. As a creative entrepreneur, it is possible to get lost in the creative process and not pay much attention to deadlines. You will learn tools to help you monitor your money by simplifying project tracking and avoiding penalties and late fees due to oversight.

6. Expenditure Analysis: Understanding your cost structure and all your financial outgoings is a requisite for running a successful business. It helps you gain insight about your business so you can engage in continuous improvement. With Expenditure Analysis, you will see opportunities where you can reduce or align your costs towards your profit goals and achieve your vision of a fulfilling and successful business.

Course Structure

Build Your Financial Forecast for Growth is a program designed to help us quickly create a robust financial management system for your business

It is structured and delivered in the following way:

5 weekly Zoom sessions of 60-90 minutes each. When not in session, I will work on your profit plan (aka budget) and cash flow roadmap behind the scenes.

In-between sessions, you will have full email support to answer your questions or concerns.

The program starts with a Welcome Pack when you sign up. followed by a Create Your Compelling Vision Session where we will determine your 1-3 years intentions. Then we will design your ideal and workable business model together so you can achieve your vision.

Because a business’ true strengths and weaknesses may be unclear to the owner, I will conduct a Fitness Test on your company’s financial condition. The test involves an analysis of your profit and loss account, balance sheet and cash flow statement. I will need your printed financials or temporary access to your accounting software.

I understand the value of effective communication in learning and business. So, I will communicate my analysis with you in plain English and avoid 'accountantese' talk. Through this, you can understand the story your numbers are telling about your business.

We will work together using the best and worst-case scenarios to prepare your dynamic rolling Profit Plan and Cash Flow forecast. When finished, I will enter your Profit Plan into Xero or other accounting software. With this, you will be prepared for the future.

You will learn how to update Xero with actual figures and compare the analysis to the forecast to monitor your progress and see how close you are to reaching your goals.

Your dynamic Financial Roadmap will be a living tool that puts you in the know about your creative business, keeps your finger on the pulse and help you make better financial decisions

Don’t try to run your business in the dark, having a roadmap and a robust system that shines a light on your finances will calm your nerves and can literally save your company 

Build a Financial Roadmap for Your Business


Business Bright Ltd. CFO and Chartered Management Accountants for Creative Women Entrepreneurs


Guarantee: If after the first two sessions, you find that this program is not what you need, you can cancel the program and not be liable for further payments.

We transform your numbers into knowledge so that you can make better business decisions and make more money to live the life you want

Email ally@businessbright for an information pack on building your Business Financial Roadmap and we will also send you our Mastering the Art of Pricing Playbook to get you started.