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    Financial Finesse Leads to Creative Freedom

    Your monthly escape to conquer financial chaos!

    Join our fun sessions on Zoom, tackle bookkeeping and boost your financial know-how.

    Get to Know Your Numbers and Let's make finance enjoyable together! 


    Why Join the Creative KYN Club?


    At the KYN Club, we understand the unique journey of creative entrepreneurs. Our aim is not only to emphasise financial knowledge ("Know Your Numbers") to grow your business, but also convey a sense of community and togetherness through the reference to "kin". We've curated a dynamic club that empowers you to:

    • 🎨 Craft Financial Success: Learn practical, hands-on strategies to manage your business finances with finesse.
    • 🌟 Connect with Like-minded Creatives: Join a vibrant community of creative souls who share your passion for financial growth and artistic expression.
    • 💡 Access Expert Guidance: From basic bookkeeping to advanced financial strategies, our expert sessions will guide you at every step.


    What's Inside the Creative KYN Club?


    Fundamentals - DIY Bookkeeping Boost:

    • 📚 Learn practical bookkeeping techniques for your everyday financial tasks.
    • 🎉 Monthly co-working bookkeeping sessions for hands-on expert support. Avoid the stressful & costly pileup.
    • Work alongside fellow creatives, share insights, and overcome bookkeeping challenges together.
    • Have a bookkeeping coach by your side and contact them by Voxer or email when you have questions in between the co-working sessions.  


    Progressive - Financial Finesse:

    • If you prefer, we do your monthly bookkeeping for you, releashing your time to focus on your own money making tasks of creating products and/or providing your service.
    • 💡We produce financial reports to help you manage and grow your business


    Mastery - Ledger Luxe - CFO:

    Everything in Financial Finesse Plus

    • 🚀 We meet monthly privately with you on Zoom, 1 on 1 to provide sharp insights on your figures
    • 🤝Monthly group business growth finance sessions with a master business finance coach. Workshops on pricing, budgeting, cash flow control etc. to enhance your financial acumen 
    • 📈 Annual 3 day group Business Bliss Planning Retreat on a beach in Jamaica


    Membership Benefits:

    • Nurturing Creative Growth Through Strategic Financial Guidance.
    • Eccolo Journal for notetaking and sketching to keep your new knowledge in one place
    • 🌈 Exclusive access to monthly challenges and co-working sessions.
    • 📈 Regular workshops on budgeting, cash flow, investment, tax planning, templates and resources
    • 🤗 Supportive community for networking, collaboration, and shared success stories.


    Join the Creative KYN Club Today!

    Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your creative passion into a thriving business. Join Creative KYN Club today and embark on a journey of financial mastery and artistic prosperity.



    🎁 Goody Bag: Receive a delightful welcome goody bag packed with surprises, templates and planners to enhance your experience.




    Ready to embark on this exciting journey? Secure your spot now!


    Investment in enhancing your creative business:

    🌈 DIY Bookkeeping Boost: £19/month

    🌟 Financial Finesse: From £399/month

    💎 Ledger Luxe-CFO: From £379/month

    Choose your tier and let's start crafting financial success together!



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    Still have questions? Reach out to us at ally@businessbright.co.uk

    Let's turn your business finance journey into a masterpiece! 🚀✨


    This is accountability with flair to keep you in the know about your business.



    When You Join 

    You will receive an email from us in the next two days inviting you to a 20 minute private Know Your Numbers Session, so we can find out about your business challenges and goals.



    Try Us Out For The Month For Financial Peace Of Mind, While Having Fun

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    DIY Bookkeeping Boost


    Normally £19.00 per month

    Special Offer Just £9.00

    per month or £99 for the year.

    • You'll get an invitaion each month to join us on Zoom for our 90 minute DIY Bookkeeping Boost Session to get your bookkeeping or financial admin done. 
    • Get all your business finance questions answered in the session or after by email.
    • Get support in between sessions whenever you have a question by Voxer or email.
    • Join the Self- Assessment Tax Return Preparation Bootcamp and get your tax return filed early so that you can enjoy a stress free Christmas.




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    Financial Finesse


    From £399.00

    per month

    • We do your monthly bookkeeping for you
    • We produce your financial reports to help you manage and grow your business.





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    Ledger Luxe - CFO


    From £399

    per month



    • Monthly Business Finance Group coaching sessions
    • Monthly, 1 on 1, Get To Know Your Numbers Session which offers a personalized opportunity to dive deep into your specific financial situation and we provide tailored insights.
    • Annual Business Bliss Planning Retreat in Jamaica.

    * Limited places.