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    The Theatre Thrive Circle

    Empowering Theatre Companies Through Financial Excellence and Industry Collaboration!


    Are you a theatre company facing financial instability or uncertainty? Are you.seeking to elevate your financial management practices, benchmark your performance against industry standards, and collaborate with like-minded professionals to drive growth and success?


    What are some of the financial pain points faced by threatre companies?

    1. Cash Flow Management: Theatre companies often operate on tight budgets with irregular cash flow patterns due to the nature of ticket sales and production cycles. Managing cash flow effectively to cover expenses such as production costs, venue rentals, and payroll can be a significant challenge.
    2. Production Costs: The high costs associated with producing theatrical productions, including sets, costumes, props, and talent fees, can strain the financial resources of theatre companies. Budgeting and controlling production costs while maintaining artistic quality is a constant balancing act.
    3. Revenue Generation: Generating revenue beyond ticket sales, such as fundraising, sponsorships, and merchandise sales, is essential for sustaining theatre companies. However, securing funding and diversifying revenue streams can be challenging, especially for smaller or emerging companies.
    4. Financial Planning and Forecasting: Theatre companies often lack the financial expertise or resources to develop comprehensive financial plans and forecasts. Without clear financial projections and strategies, they may struggle to make informed decisions and allocate resources effectively.
    5. Industry Volatility: The performing arts industry can be unpredictable, with factors such as changing audience preferences, economic downturns, and external events impacting ticket sales and revenue streams. Adapting to industry trends and navigating market fluctuations requires agility and strategic planning.

    Addressing these pain points through expert financial guidance, industry benchmarking, and collaborative support can help theatre companies overcome challenges, build resilience, and achieve long-term financial sustainability and success.



    Let us take you from financial uncertainty to empowerment.

    Look no further! We are looking for founding members of The Theatre Thrive Circle.

    The Theatre Thrive Circle will be your destination for financial excellence.


    What We Offer


    Monthly Expert CFO Guidance: Gain access to a seasoned virtual CFO with experience in the theatre industry. Our CFO facilitator will provide personalized guidance, strategic advice, and actionable insights to help you optimize your financial performance and achieve your business goals.


    Quarterly Financial Analysis and Benchmarking: Receive personalised quarterly financial analysis reports tailored to your theatre company's performance metrics. Benchmark your financial performance against industry standards and identify opportunities for improvement to drive sustainable growth and profitability.


    Industry Collaboration: Connect with fellow theatre companies to share resources, exchange ideas, and collaborate on projects. Our mastermind group provides a supportive community where you can learn from each other's experiences, celebrate successes, and navigate challenges together.


    Annual Retreat: Join us for our annual retreat, where members come together for intensive workshops, networking opportunities, and leisure activities. Engage in strategic planning, brainstorming sessions, and collaborative projects to propel your theatre company's growth and success.


    Join Us Today and Transform Your Theatre Company's Financial Future!


    Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your financial management practices, benchmark your performance, collaborate with industry peers, and unlock new opportunities for growth. Join the Theatre Thrive and embark on a transformative journey towards financial excellence in the performing arts industry.


    Membership Fee: Just £567 per month

    Ask about our founding member prices.


    Limited spots available! Reserve your spot now and take the first step towards a brighter financial future for your theatre company.



    Client Testimonials


    Ally worked for over a year as a financial consultant on the New Creative Markets Programme. Her specialist knowledge and experience of working with businesses in the creative industries allowed her to quickly build confidence with the artists and designers. She delivered excellent 'Fearless Finance' workshops that were accessible to businesses at various stages of growth and engaged participants through visual mapping. She worked with businesses on a 121 basis and received consistently good feedback. I would highly recommend Ally as a consultant for creative businesses and her work on the New Creative Markets Programme has had a measurable impact.

    -www.spacestudios.org.uk and Lena Nix - Artist Development Manager


    Ally is great person to work with and her financial skills and knowledge has helped BDC develop its financial management arrangements from financial planning, monitoring and projecting through to the statement of accounts. She puts a lot of effort and time into assisting my office manage the income and expenditure accounts throughout the year giving solid quarterly advice, financial information and benchmarking for key performance factors that we agree which is invaluable in successfully running my business and projecting to the end of year statement of accounts.


    —Byron Davies OBE, Managing Director BDConsulting (UK)


    'I met Ally in the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship Caribbean training program for Jamaican Entrepreneurs. Going into the program, I had a basic knowledge of accounting. I wasn't confident in reading financial reports, and what reports were most beneficial in monitoring cash flow, "real profit," cost savings or waste.


    I wanted a financial mentor since financial planning was a valuable skill necessary to scale and grow my business, but I was not prepared for the impact Ally would have on my business and my mindset. Each week we would meet for advisory sessions, where I would outline strategies and prospects for revenue, and Ally would give advice. She stressed the importance of planning and understanding the actual cost associated with my services.


    Ally emphasized measuring the financial health of my business by tracking my cash flow using agile reporting templates. She coached me with demonstration and practice to understand budgeting and forecasting, that cash is king, and that there are distinct differences between sales, profits, and cash, in how they affect business growth. I no longer feel like a rookie in financial planning due to Ally's mentorship.


    I am more enthusiastic about reading my financials monthly because now it makes better sense for the growth of my company, and I now have better financial goals in mind. I use my accounting system differently now; ensuring accurate data input provides me with the correct reports and balances synced with my bank.

    Thanks to Ally, I can confidently use financial terms, whether basic accounting or top-level economic language when speaking with financial institutions. Ally gave me more than just financial mentorship; she gave me financial confidence and better business health''.

    Every business needs an "Ally"


    - Stacy-Ann Wilson Odem Creative Media Limited