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    About Us


    With decades of experience in financial management and a passion for empowering creative success, I help you turn your artistic vision into a thriving, financially secure reality


    The founder and managing director of Business Bright, Ally O'Meally-Watson is a Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA). She has over 30 years of accountancy experience within the UK working with companies such as award-winning, Blackburn's Design Consultants (London), Amani Jones Limited - Handbag Designers, Clean Break Theatre Company, The Welsh National Opera, Cinetig films and more.


    Ally is also a director and chair of Winding Snake Productions. She recently started working with the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship in the Caribbean as a finance coach.


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    From budget creation and analysis to in-depth financial literacy training, our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of creative entreprenuers, non profits and theatre companies.


    Why Choose a Creative Finance Strategist?

    Gain the financial clarity and confidence you need to achieve your creative goals. Our approach combines expert financial knowledge with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by creative businesses.


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    Business Budget Bliss



    Craft Your Financial Roadmap for

    Business Growth in a Day





    Coffee & Welcome Chat



    • Brief overview of the day's agenda 
    • Understanding Business Budget Basics & how a budget promotes growth
    • Key concepts & components of a business budget (revenue, expenses, profit)
    • Identifying financial goals for the business
    • Collecting necessary financial data (previous income and expenses)

    Lunch Break

    • Lunch provided if face to face


    Creating Your Business Budget

    • Step-by-step guide to building a budget
    • Practical examples and templates
    • Create a draft budget for your business
    • Reviewing and refining the draft budget
    • Review and feedback
    • Finalize your budget

    Closing: 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM

    • Drinks and the opportunity to discuss insights and takeaways


    Need a low cost trial first?

    Book a How to Create Your Business Budget Consult. A 90 minute taster course that will help you reframe your money mindset and make good financial decisions and is a great precurser to the Budget Bliss Masterclass which gives time for implementation.

    How to create Your Business Budget is Just £35.00. This can be deducted from your masterclass if you decide to take it further.


    What you'll learn
    • Estimate your income
    • Estimate your expenses
    • Adjust your financial strategy based on your business needs


    Let's shape your business future together!



  • Client Testimonials


    The Fearless Finance workshop with Ally really was an eye opener into how important and useful it can be to understand the financial side of your business even though from the off set it can appear daunting. It has helped me to see how I can begin marking my progress and understand my business in more depth to allow me to understand it's capabilities for growth. My subsequent 1-2-1 with Ally was great to begin setting up some important financial documents, creating annual and monthly targets to check that I'm on track and make sure that I am making my business is working for me. Thank you Ally for your knowlededge and encouragement.


    —Clarice Price Thomas Jewellery Designer/Maker


    Ally worked for over a year as a financial consultant on the New Creative Markets Programme. Her specialist knowledge and experience of working with businesses in the creative industries allowed her to quickly build confidence with the artists and designers. She delivered excellent 'Fearless Finance' workshops that were accessible to businesses at various stages of growth and engaged participants through visual mapping. She worked with businesses on a 121 basis and received consistently good feedback. I would highly recommend Ally as a consultant for creative businesses and her work on the New Creative Markets Programme has had a measurable impact.

    -www.spacestudios.org.uk and Lena Nix - Artist Development Manager


    Ally is great person to work with and her financial skills and knowledge has helped BDC develop its financial management arrangements from financial planning, monitoring and projecting through to the statement of accounts. She puts a lot of effort and time into assisting my office manage the income and expenditure accounts throughout the year giving solid quarterly advice, financial information and benchmarking for key performance factors that we agree which is invaluable in successfully running my business and projecting to the end of year statement of accounts.


    —Byron Davies OBE, Managing Director BDConsulting (UK)


    Allocating the time to your business plan just doesn't seem to happen when you are busy working on a day by day basis. However, working with Ally from Business Bright on our business planning process has been of such a huge benefit to JacBee and a great way of making you as a business take some dedicated time out to focus, discuss and more importantly plan'.


    —Victoria Beesley, Co-Director, JacBee Ltd http://www.jacbee.co.uk/


    Business Bright make a refreshing change to the usual accountancy firms, taking a keen interest in the intricacies of our business over and above the routine number crunching. Our regular review meetings definitely add value and help us to shape our ongoing business marketing and development plans


    —Ronsons Restaurants (Herb & Ellies)



    What people say about the Right-Brain Business Planning Course:


    This course helped me re-energize and align my vision, purpose and actions. In fact, engaging in this class got me so inspired again about my business that I found myself in action implementing my plan while simultaneously creating it! Results are already materializing.

    — Amy Egenberger, Spirit Out!, Inc, www.spiritout.com


    Approaching the writing of a business plan with a right-brain creative aspect makes it less intimidating and more inspiring. It certainly isn't boring! I think the creative approach makes it more personal.


    The best aspect for me in this class is feeling that I have a better direction for my business. It pushed me to move in a direction that I've been contemplating for almost a year."


    —Amy Crawley, Amy A. Crawley Fine Art, www.amyacrawley.com


    "I've written business plans before, but this helped me do it in a way that let me stay in the right mindset for the project. The old ways felt like trapping the creative flow in false structure that misled me. But my Right-Brain Business Plan® not only provides structure, it provides inspiration and puts me in the right (ha!)mindset."


    —Tori Deaux, The Circus Serene, www.circusserene.com

    "I definitely appreciate the fact that this course emphasizes and acknowledges how important visuals are to the right brain person. This concept really helps me stay focused and interested in the planning process of my business. Phew! This is the furthest I have ever gone in the planning process. I typically don't make it past reading the two words, ‘executive summary'."


    — Lisa Hause, Lisa Hause Photography, www.lisahause.com


    "If you don't have a plan for your business, you need one. If you want to have fun learning how to develop a plan, take this course. This course takes the ‘scare factor' out of creating a business plan."

    —Tracey Asai, Tracey Asai Designs, www.traceyasaidesigns.com


    'I learned a great deal about how to put profit first, plus how to keep my artistic integrity and pursue the gap between a financially viable commercial photographic career and a flourishing art practice.

    Thanks for the financial documents - these are great! It’s really helpful to see these figures down on paper; it frees up space in my head to get on with the creativity!! Finally, I can see a financial future!'


    —Karen Roswell Photography 



    'I met Ally in the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship Caribbean training program for Jamaican Entrepreneurs. Going into the program, I had a basic knowledge of accounting. I wasn't confident in reading financial reports, and what reports were most beneficial in monitoring cash flow, "real profit," cost savings or waste.


    I wanted a financial mentor since financial planning was a valuable skill necessary to scale and grow my business, but I was not prepared for the impact Ally would have on my business and my mindset. Each week we would meet for advisory sessions, where I would outline strategies and prospects for revenue, and Ally would give advice. She stressed the importance of planning and understanding the actual cost associated with my services.


    Ally emphasized measuring the financial health of my business by tracking my cash flow using agile reporting templates. She coached me with demonstration and practice to understand budgeting and forecasting, that cash is king, and that there are distinct differences between sales, profits, and cash, in how they affect business growth. I no longer feel like a rookie in financial planning due to Ally's mentorship.


    I am more enthusiastic about reading my financials monthly because now it makes better sense for the growth of my company, and I now have better financial goals in mind. I use my accounting system differently now; ensuring accurate data input provides me with the correct reports and balances synced with my bank.

    Thanks to Ally, I can confidently use financial terms, whether basic accounting or top-level economic language when speaking with financial institutions. Ally gave me more than just financial mentorship; she gave me financial confidence and better business health''.

    Every business needs an "Ally"


    - Stacy-Ann Wilson Odem Creative Media Limited