Diversify Your Income Streams

Explore multiple avenues to monetise your creativity.

Sell Art Prints, Ebooks or Workbooks

Transform your creations into tangible assets, generating passive income.

Offer Workshops and Courses

Leverage your expertise to reach a broader audience, establishing authority in your niche.


Freelance Projects

Engage in dynamic income sources, applying your skills across various platforms.

License Your Work

Generate revenue while expanding brand visibility as your creations find new contexts.

Collaborate with Brands

Establish mutually beneficial partnerships, creating additional income streams and broadening exposure.

Diversifying income streams not only enhances financial resilience but also creates a multifaceted business that thrives in diverse market landscapes

A Short Exercise to Help Diversify your Income

Define Your Freelance Niche

  1. Identify Your Niche (5 minutes):

  • Take a focused 5-minute session to identify and define your freelance niche. Consider your passions, strengths, and the skills you most enjoy utilizing. Ask yourself:
  • What type of projects genuinely excite me?
  • In which areas do I have proven expertise or a strong desire to learn?
  • What specific value can I offer to potential clients?


Here are some simple Friday accountability questions to keep those business moves groovy and the cash flowing in.

Spend no more than 10 minutes on these

  • How did your creative endeavors contribute to your overall profits this week?
  • Did you encounter any financial challenges in your projects
  • Looking ahead, what one step will you take to ensure a healthy cash flow in your business next week?
    For example, one action step for next week might be to establish a proactive and polite system to sales invoice follow-ups to ensure you get paid as soon as possible, remember cash is reality in business.

It’s an accountability exercise, It's not just about answers. Your financial journey matters, and I'm here to support you every step of the way.

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