Transform Your Financial Systems With a 90 Day Finance Fix

Money is not the be end and all but it is like oxygen in business, without it, it’s not a happy ending…

Are you getting the financial information you need to create improved profits & cash flow in your business? 

Do you have pressing Cash Flow and Profitability issues?

Are your business finances in chaos or just plain confusing?

  • Do you know what your profits were last year?
  • What is your projection for next year?
  • What are your margins?
  • Are your books up to date?
  • Do you know how to work out if you can take on more staff?

A huge step in answering these and any other Dragon Den type of business questions is to understand the numbers since numbers are a key factor in business survival. If numbers are not your forte, you will need to seek help in the form of a fairy finance godmother.  Someone that can help you to have a working knowledge of your financial statements so that you are aware of the health of your business and know what to look for.  A good dose of financial savvy can give you the confidence to leave the detailed daily financial tasks to an expert bookkeeper, company accountant or a Small Business CFO (Chief Financial Officer).

In addition to giving you peace of mind, a finance professional is also a key component when seeking funding either from investors or from the bank. Both will want to see a detailed report of how the finances in your business have been working and what you project in the future. 
So how do you transform your financial systems, gather some number acumen and get your business ready to prosper?

The Eight-Step Solution

1.    Evaluate your company, it's background, your Vision & lifestyle goals and establish a powerful Action Plan to achieve those goals 

2.    Organise, update and fine-tune your accounting system so that you can trust the numbers generated and get reliable insights

3.    Cash is the company's lifeblood so prepare a Cash Flow Projection to ensure that you can fulfill any obligations and plans

4.    Prepare an analysis of your company's current financial position and profitability from past and current financial statements

5.    Identify opportunities for the future improvement of profit with Profit & Loss Projections

6.    Develop solutions & goals that enhance your business

7.    Implement your plan and train your team on the language of business and how their decisions impact the numbers

8.    Monitor your company’s results regularly with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and course correct if needed

You can work through these steps yourself. We will provide detailed information on each step every month or we can do this all for you with our solution called the CFO 90-Day Dash.

Climb out of chaos & confusion and into financial clarity in 90 days.

The CFO 90 DAY Finance Fix is an 8 step process where we work closely with you and/or your team to get your financial management system sorted to get you to a known position, we tell you exactly where you stand now and transform your numbers into knowledge. We then start thinking into the future and making projections.  With the knowledge we have of the business and it’s opportunities we can design what the future will look like with strategic 90 day projects that drives improved profits & cash flow.

To get intimate with your numbers, call us for a complimentary consultation.

‘Ally is great person to work with and her financial skills and knowledge has helped BDC develop its financial management arrangements from financial planning, monitoring and projecting through to the statement of accounts. She puts a lot of effort and time into assisting my office manage the income and expenditure accounts throughout the year giving solid quarterly advice, financial information and benchmarking for key performance factors that we agree which is invaluable in successfully running my business and projecting to the end of year statement of accounts.’

—Byron Davies OBE, Managing Director BDConsulting (UK) Ltd

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