5 Elements of a Fashion Business Business Plan

5 Essential Elements of a Fashion Business Plan from the BOF:

A Business Plan helps you clarify your ideas and goals and can be as short or as long as you like.

  1.  Executive Summary or Pitch Page This comes first but is done last after all research and the other parts are complete as it summarises the whole plan.
  2.  Vision & Objectives -What market needs are you fulfilling and how are you unique?
  3. The Market and Your Competition - Who are your customers and competition? What is the opportunity for your business?
  4.  Implementation Plan - What detailed actions do you need to take to make your business work? What are the milestones?
  5. The Fashion Financial Plan - How will you be profitable? What funding do you need?

At Business Bright we can help you get clear on your fashion business idea and answer all the questions above, the result: A concise and flexible Business Plan to use as road map to your success.